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Stirling Hinchliffe and his wife Megan live in Sandgate with their three children aged twenty, seventeen and twelve.

Stirling is an active advocate whose experience has delivered for the northside through rejuvenated frontline services, improved infrastructure and a focus on jobs. 

Stirling is a trusted leader who delivered fairer public transport fares as a minister and created strong local partnerships within the local community. 

Stirling is a local engaged in our community as a junior coach at Northside Wizards Basketball, a member of the Einbunpin Festival committee and a keen supporter of many local organisations. 

Throughout his public life, Stirling has remained passionate about every Queenslander enjoying a fair go. To this end, he is committed to supporting quality education opportunities, universal health care and a growing economy creating new jobs.

Stirling serves as the Minister for Tourism Industry Development and Innovation and Minister for Sport.