Contact Mick de Brenni MP


Mick is honoured to be the Labor Member for Springwood, standing up for Springwood residents and protecting our way of life in State Parliament. He is the Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen and Minister for Public Works and Procurement

He has lived in Springwood his whole life just like his parents. Mick is a local through and through and he and his wife love the community because it’ a great place to raise their children.

Mick’s involvement in our local community will allow him  to stand up for our great local service providers and volunteer based organisations to make sure they get a fair go from government.

He is looking forward to continuing his long and active association with our local community groups, working hard to bring people together in our local community.

Mick will make sure that our community stops slowly moving apart. He will work hard to see a Springwood where our fences aren’t getting taller, our schools aren't getting tougher and local services are improving.

Politics should be about listening then standing up for people, getting results for the people who put you there, which is something Mick is committed to.