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Maxim Otten-Kamp

Like so many Australians, Maxim comes from a hard-working migrant background. Maxim grew up in Brisbane but later moved to the Gold Coast to study International Relations and Journalism at Griffith University.

Whilst at school, Maxim joined the Australian Army Cadets and rose to the rank of Cadet Under Officer in just four years. His responsibilities in that role provided him with opportunities for leadership. He organised training for 40 cadets, founded an Australian war history program, and would lead ANZAC Day marches. Of course, it made sense for Maxim to continue on to study history and teaching, which he undertook at the Australian Catholic University.

Maxim’s love of the Mudgereeba community since moving to the Gold Coast has motivated him to throw his hat in the ring and potentially join a Palaszczuk Labor Government that has an economic recovery plan to protect our health and create jobs.

Maxim recalls stories told to him about the German club in the Mudgereeba electorate after his grandfather managed it back in the 70s. With a breadth of experience and interests including working at Coles, studying history, drama and religion, and leading ANZAC Day marches, Maxim is passionate about people and their livelihoods and wants to ensure they are properly represented in the Queensland parliament.