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Janet Butler

Janet started her working life in Victoria at the age of 15 when she started working for a Union. Her commitment to fairness and equality has been at the foundation of anything she has done since.
Janet then became a farmer in Gippsland in Victoria where she bred Angus cattle, it was where she truly understood the impact of drought and the hardship many of us face on the land.
Janet then started work in Government at Cockatoo Docks, in Sydney during the Vietnam era before coming to Queensland in 1979 to run a business in the Fortitude Valley for fourteen years.   
Now retired, Janet has also worked in the disability sector, and her concern for well-being for others still remains to this day.
Janet loves her community and is interested in the history of Lockyer and Somerset.
Janet is proud to be part of Annastacia Palaszcuk’s team to lead Queensland’s Covid-19 economic recovery plan so that we can grow our regions and stay the course.