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Our Vision for QLD

Jobs now, jobs for the future

The Labor Government I lead is focussed on restoring hope and opportunity for Queenslanders.

There is no better source of hope and opportunity than a job.

My Government is building confidence in business and the wider community by investing in Queensland to create employment opportunities.

The $10.1 billion infrastructure program in the current budget is supporting more than 27,000 jobs and more than 70,000 jobs have been created in Queensland to the year since the 2015 election.

We are and always will be a Government with strong connections to the Labour movement because they are focussed on supporting working Queenslanders.

That’s why we’ve restored workplace health and safety laws, introduced rebates to encourage businesses to hire apprentices and trainees and restored Labour Day to its rightful place in the calendar in May. Our Advance Queensland package looks to diversify the Queensland economy and unlock the jobs of the future in exciting new industries such as bio-futures. Advance Queensland is about encouraging new ideas and new jobs through attracting startups to invest in Queensland

My Government is, and always will be a Government that listens


Annastacia Palaszczuk

Premier of Queensland