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Jim Pearce MP for Mirani

Jim Pearce

About Jim

Grew up in North West New South Wales on the land, farming and working with livestock.

Husband, Father & Grandfather which drives my passion for families, people & their home towns and communities.

Vietnam Veteran & recognised for dedication through a letter of commendation.

Worked within the mining industry as an underground and open cut coal mine worker for over 11 years.

Almost 40 years of being connected to and working with communities, the government and large corporations.

Working as a Community Advocate for the Bowen Basin from the past 3 years.

Map of Mirani Electorate Office


The Mirani electorate stretches south along to the Bruce Highway, from Mackay and then passes around the edge of Rockhampton to also include Mount Morgan. It covers much of the Queensland coast between the cities of Rockhampton and Mackay, as well as the hinterland west of Mackay. Mirani itself is a rural town of just over 800 people, situated only 30 kilometres from Mackay. Industry is an important facet of the electorate, and it extends to the west to gather an array of sugar industry areas which lie both west and south of Mackay. The electorate is also home to a number of mining towns, which include, Dysart and Middlemount and Mount Morgan.

Suburbs: Mount Morgan, Dysart, Middlemount, St Lawrence, Carmila, Sarina, and Eungella

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The Sarina Centre
Central Street
Sarina QLD 4737
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